How does the Mobi IP Work?
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As a Leading Provider of AI-driven

software solutions, MFMsoft helps companies
gain insights into their brand performance

With a strong focus on data privacy and security,
easy and simple to use technology, and automations
that is seamless and doesn’t disrupt customer
Customer Systems, MFMsoft is dedicated to help
Product and Brand Companies to capture their
products sales data through the power of
Mobi AI-Driven technology.

Mobi Data Access

Mobi AI-Driven Software is a simple to use software that you use to link with your customers POS, ERP, Online Menus, and much more so that you can capture your product sales data in real-time. Mobi’s AI technology makes the linking process with your customers' systems seamless and non-disruptive.

Mobi Product Injection

Mobi AI-driven technology enables Product & Brand Owners to have full control over their Trademarks. If a Product & Brand Owners customer is selling products on online menus or marketplaces such as DoorDash, Amazon, & others, Mobi automations seamlessly injects authorized product images & SKU information onto their Customer Systems. Mobi doesn’t disrupt the customers current digital environment and is seamless.